FS; Broughton Barrel, 7mm, for XP100

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    Jan 4, 2008
    Broughton 5C Barrel blank just as it came from Broughton, , with serial #. 7mm. 1-9 twist. The contour is roughly a #4 but with a taper for XP use.
    Approx 19.25" OAL as it sits
    .750 at muzzle
    1.200 the other end
    Weight as it sits - just over 3 lbs - 7oz

    I have had to scrap this project for more pressing matters. I have waited 12 weeks for the barrel [​IMG]and a lot has happened since then. Here is a chance to get a FANTASTIC barrel WITHOUT THE WAIT, and save a couple of bucks.

    $280.00 delivered to your door

    I tried to upload pic from photobucket but it didn't happen - here is the link