FS - Blue-Printed Remington action & matching sleeve.

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    Mar 6, 2009
    For Sale - Remington Model 600 action, RH, blue, converted to single shot, Davidson aluminum loading ramp epoxied in magazine slot and magazine cut filled with Duro-Steel epoxy. Bolt is original, w/ PPC bolt face, (can be opened to 308 face). Extractor upgraded to M16 style, and Rem. 40X bolt handle installed.

    Bolt lugs, bolt face, and action-face trued. Work performed by Fred Sinclair.

    Also included is a 7" aluminum 7075 T-6 action sleeve, flat bottom, round top, bead blasted type finish on sleeve, drilled & tapped for scope bases and front guard screw. Sleeve profile very similar to Stolle Panda profile.

    The sleeve has NOT been epoxied to the action yet, so any action work will be easy. Can be stocked as a glue-in or pillar bedded with screws. The sleeve increases bedding area, rigidity and provides a wider more stable bridge for scope mounting. The action can be used without the sleeve, if preferred.

    I will sell action or sleeve separately, if preferred.

    Both - $625 OBO + sh & ins., to your FFL.

    email replies preferred- laveritt@att.net

    See pics.

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