FS: Benchmark Barrels Rem 700 6XC

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Well, just as this build just finished and I started running rounds through her, I got the hots for another AIAE, so this is the rifle on the chopping block. This is a 6XC built of a Remington 700 platform, using Benchmark Barrels. I have just started load testing, and have only ran 25 rounds down the barrel. I plan on loading up another 25 at a deeper seating depth and going out next week. All of the build parts and specs are listed below. Rifle will be shipped via UPS and insured for sold amount. The action had the face trued and the lugs lapped. I have an extra 6xc barrel to go with it, but its headspaced with a PTG .2285 recoil lug. Pictures are posted below as well. Asking price is $3050 shipped to your FFL. Please make sure they accept from individuals. If you have any questions, please shoot me a PM.

    Rem 700 S/A Serial #E
    - Tactical Bolt Knob threaded/installed
    - Huber Trigger RH, 2.25#, Top R Safety, Bolt release
    - EGW S/A HD 20moa Rail
    JP AMCS Chassis
    - Bench-rest Forearm
    - x2 5rnd AICS mags included
    - Atlas BT17 4" Forward Rail
    - Atlas BT12-QK Monopod
    - Atlas BT10-LW Bipod
    - Opened trigger housing for Huber bolt release

    Benchmark Barrels 6xc Barrel
    - 26.5", 1:7.5tw, 6 flute, threaded 5/8x24, Benchmark Barrels CSR mini break, all melonited, round count 25

    Benchmark Barrels 6xc Barrel
    - 21", 1:8tw, headspaced w/ PTG .2285 recoil lug, .877" @ muzzle, round count approx. 300

    Pics: * USO and ARC rings NOT included in price above. PM me if interested in complete setup!!*