FS belted brass .575 base; non belted .538 base

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    Aug 2, 2009

    The new .575 base straight wall belted brass is packaged 20/box. They have no headstamp, but the boxes are printed Brass Extrusion Laboratories Ltd (B.E.L.L.). Labels on the boxes say .460. They were used by the owner to make his own wildcats for African hunting. When he developed one he liked, he had his name and caliber laser etched in the bases as a headstamp.
    Specs in inches are:

    Base .575
    Belt Dia. .601
    Extraction groove dia. .492
    Case dia. 1/8” above the belt .578
    Case length 2.918 (+or-)

    The new straight wall non-belted .538 base brass has the same coloration as the BELL brass, but has no boxes. It is packaged 10 per clear plastic sleeve.
    The specs in inches are:

    Base .538
    Extraction groove .481
    Case dia. 1/8” above the extractor groove .543
    Case length 2.935 +or-

    I am posting for the widow of a longtime avid hunter. I have about 1400 of each for 65 cents each ....cheaper if you buy 100s...shipping is negotiable

    Thanks for looking