FS-BDL bottom metal x2, bullets, trigger, & more

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    Jul 1, 2006
    Post an "I will take it" here and send a PM please. All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.

    338 caliber Barnes 250gr X bullets - 50 count of part #33890 - $45 shipped

    New/Takeoff Remington BDL short action matte black bottom metal with 223 sized stamped follower & new stainless box (no other hardware)- believe this to be new/takeoff - $90 shipped

    Used Remington BDL short action blue bottom metal with 243/308 sized stamped follower with box (no other hardware) - $70 shipped

    ONE factory Remington stainless triggers with safety & bolt release. Not an Xmark trigger. $55 each shipped (one sold).

    RCBS Deluxe reloading scale check weight set - $50 shipped
    MidwayUSA - RCBS Deluxe Scale Check Weights 510.5 Grains