FS 30-378 Weatherby mark V

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    Nov 30, 2010
    I am selling my 30-378 weatherby mark V. I am asking $2000 OBO.

    It has a stainless fluted barrel with a muzzle break. This is a stock rifle but it a very accurate and capable rifle. A Millett LRS sits atop, would be willing to sell just the rifle or with it attached. Ive had this rifle for about 2 years now, hunted with it both years. Has some wear marks but nothing major. I have 100 pieces of brass with it as well. If you know about the 30-378 weatherby you know that the brass is worth a pretty penny by itself.

    My current load uses h-1000 and a 210 Berger bullet, and holds MOA out to 800-900 yards. I harvested a bull elk at 875 the first year that I purchased the rifle.

    I can provide more pictures or info on request.
    please message or email me at snider6464@gmail.com