From ND and am considering a 338 RUM

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    Apr 8, 2009
    Hi I From North Dakota and am a 44 year old self employed cabinet maker that loves to hunt and anything to do with firearms and knives. I'm big into reloading (especially for long range shooting) and just started casting bullets to feed my handguns and dabbling in some rifle bullets for plinking.
    My main hunting rifle is a Ruger 77 MK II in 7mm rem mag it has the factory barrel but I did a complete bedding job (pillar and barrel) and installed a Timney (? Spelling) Trigger. This Rifle will shoot a 4.5 5 shot group at 600 yards. I'm shooting 65 grns IMR 7828 behind a 175grn Sierra GK to get this accuracy out of this gun. I now am looking at a buying or building a rifle in .338 caliber and would like to know if there is a big difference between the 338 RUM and the 338 Lapua. I've been told that 338 RUM brass doesn't hold up like the Lapua. All other things being = I don't see that much difference in the 2 rnds The one big thing is that you can do a 338 RUM a lot cheaper than a 338 Lapua :rolleyes:.
    Sorry I made this so long as my first post
    George gun)
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting George.

    You're right about the Lapua brass. It is the best.:)

    You might try your question over in the General Forum as not many guys read the members intro section but the General and other forums get a lot of traffic.

    Good luck with your new build.

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    Hello george, your at the right place for long posts:D