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    Jan 28, 2008
    Did a Google search and here on this forum and found some info about free recoil method of shooting a rifle off a bench but am not really clear. Could one of you fellas please explain the set up of a free recoil shot and just what the shooters position would be in reference to the rifle. I understand there are different methods which vary shooter to shooter but just a general idea or a place to start. Am I correct in assuming that the free recoil method is one of the best ways to create a tight group and determine the rifles accuracy?
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    Jul 1, 2002
    You would setup on the rifle the same as you would any other shot only instead of pulling the rifle tight into your should you just let it sit their and slide back into your shoulder also use a slight grip on it that way when it goes off the gun just slides back. alot of BR shooters shoot this way and very few hunters from what I've seen. If you gun has any significant recoil or the desgine is so that their is alot of muzzel jump this is not a the best way to get good accuracy. Also some guns dont shoot well with the free recoil method and other do

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    Your stock needs to be one that will recoil straight back and not wobble back or roll over when shot. Usually flat bottom stocks in the area of 3" wide on the bottom forend work the best for free recoil. I shoot free recoil in matches and it works for me.