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  1. sierra22

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    Dec 12, 2002
    I'm looking into the PDA/software solution for rangecards. I've been looking at the info at maker's websites but still have some questions.

    Which program has the following options:

    Fully capable of metric units (meters, centimeters, Celsius, millibars or hectopascals.

    User can determine the size of click adjustments ( as in 1cm@100m)

    Calculated trajectory can be checked against reality. "Reality checks", that is live shots and the conditions, can be stored.

    Program can store and use multiple Vo/ temperature combinations.

    User can determine vital area and program will show range-window the calculated come-up is valid for.

    Program has the option of saving/using "BDC comeups". (Example: Ring marked 600m at click 50. Program could show calculation "600+2") Alternatively show MIL comeups.
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    Sep 3, 2004
    I own 8 ballistic programs and can tell you that they all have some of what you want but I don't know of any that have all that you want.

    In my opinion, there is no perfect ballistic program yet. They all have some problems.

    ONe problem I will point out that happens in all of them I have experimented with is the fact that when you have your zero set at say 300 yards level, then go to compute a new chart at cosine .94 or whatever, THEY STILL KEEP THE 300 YARD ZERO!! Everyone knows that your zero will be farther out than 300 yards on a steep angle so why do the programs not work like our brains! Yes, yes, Sierra INfinity will recalculate the proper zero but you must go into a different section to do it, it will not automatically do it on the normal drop table.

    I use Exbal on my pocket pc and it does ok, but it is by no means perfect.

    Just my two $.