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    Aug 17, 2013
    Hi, my name is Jimbob and I'm an alcoholic.
    oh wait!! wrong meeting!!
    Hi, My name is Jimbob and I shoot guns
    I've had some exposure for most of my life. I got a 12 gauge from Sears when I was 15, and I still have it. I've shot in a few competitions with the Military, I'm retired US Army, Chief Warrant Officer(for those who know what that it).
    Unfortunately I've lived most of my 35 yr military and civilan career overseas where guns are illegal(try that for a change of pace - not allowed? no, illegal).
    I only recently was able to buy and own any pistol/rifle. I have a Springfield .40 XDM competition with a few upgrades. My favorite is my Ruger .22 MKIII hunter with plenty of Vollquartsen goodies. (none of that is a reason to be here, keep digging)
    I recently bought and delivered to my friend in KY, a Savage .308 16 FHSS with a 24" fluted barrel. I consider this part of the set to complete, as I would eventually like to sight it to 1000yd(buket list?) or so.
    That is also not currently possible, as I'm in Korea. I'll be here for another year or so. That works out fine, as it will take me at least that long to pay for ammo(what the hell, I leave for a few months and it goes thru the roof?) to break in the .308 and put a few thousand more rounds thru the others.
    I also have a Charles Daly 1911 in .45 that's been rebuilt and works just fine.
    My last little toy is a mode 06 Winchester .22 pump rifle(as in 1906, but you KNEW that). I've shot it a bunch and its great!!
    I'm here to learn about long range shooting - I know from previous comps that plenty is mental, so I hope to practice until I get my grubbies on it, and anything that I can learn about LRS or more goodies to buy for it. I'm game.
    I've lived and own property in GA and SC. I like Beer, motorcycles, people who ride and don't pose, instructional methods of teaching(I'm a Bike Instructor)
    other than that - flame on!
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Glad to have you and thanks for serving!