FNAR Heavy Barrel

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    Jul 16, 2002
    have a super shooter FNAR, shoots under .5 with factory 168

    this was the rifle I bought new shot 1.4 MOA, I sent it back to FN they swapped it and now I have a rifle that shoots under .5


    I have maybe 100 rounds fired / correct brake in.

    I have 4 semi auto 308s and need to weed them out.. this one will go. its about 5 months old shot it 4 times and been in the safe

    Trade for
    FN SPR
    other tactical bolt gun
    SIG 556
    CZ Sniper
    POF 6.8
    NF Scope, US Optics
    Savage BAS or BAS-K

    sell email me: usarmysniper@gmail.com

    scope and rings not included