FL & SB Die Sets, SB sizers, bullets, cases and other handloading tools

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    May 7, 2003
    Email me at mhogan@mtaonline.net to confirm your purchase, obtain a pic, or ask a question.

    ***SOLD*** RCBS FL Die Set .375 H&H MAG #16901 As New With 85 Bullets
    45 pcs Speer 235gr .375cal semi-spitzer
    40 pcs Sierra 300gr .375cal GameKing Spitzer boattail
    Die set in correct box w/instructions Like New condition
    Bullets in original boxes no tarnish, not pulls or factory 2nds.
    All yours for $60 plus $5 for delivery by Priority Mail.

    Other dies and gear:

    -Hornady Custom die: .300 Rem Ultra Ackley Improved FL sizer/decapping die $45

    -RCBS .300Wby FL Die Set #15201 Excellent condition w/20rds once-fired, Weatherby headstamp deprimed brass $45

    -Redding .22-250 FL die set #80106 excellent nearly new cond with unopened bag of 100pcs of Rem .22-250 brass $60

    ***SOLD*** RCBS SB die set, complete in .223 Remington #11103 takes #10 shellholder As New $35

    ***SOLD***RCBS SB die set, complete in .30-06 Springfield #14803 takes #3 shellholder. Older RCBS die set Excellent As New condition, $30

    ***SOLD***Also have .308 SB die set in .308Win, Excellent condition, will have new decapping rod assy, or replace it yourself. $38/$30

    Brand New complete: RCBS Small Base Sizer dies Never mounted in press.
    If you are shooting a semi-auto, pump, or lever action, these are worth having:
    .243Win #11431 $32
    .300Win Mag #15331 $32

    Remington 100 ct .22-250 brass $35 have (2 extra bags plus 1 w/die set)

    38pcs Winchester virgin .270Win brass 80s vintage, in 20rd paper W-W boxes same lot #, $20

    40pcs Remington virgin .30-30win brass in 20rd paper boxes same lot $20

    80 pcs Barnes .277 180gr softpoint roundnose .032" jackets one unopened box of 50 & one partial box of 30 Want to try your .270 on Elk or Moose? Maybe bear? No longer cataloged, these are the real deal heavyweights for Big Game application $45

    250pcs IMI 147gr fmjbt mil-spec quality bullets Brand New, not pulls or 2nds $65

    50pcs .32 S&W Long once-fired Remington brass #R32SWL deprimed and tumbled $8

    RCBS case deburring tool, carbide, #09349 As New $12

    Starline Brass, virgin
    -.454 Casull $18/50 $32/100 (have 300pcs)
    -.45acp $10/50 $18/100 (have 300pcs)

    RCBS dial caliper, reads .001" to 6" oal, plastic, orig model w/oal & trim lengths for 20 common ctgs in chart on back of tool. Excellent Condition, no plastic case. Handy and light $12

    If you want primed brass, ask.

    Prices above do not include postage for delivery. I use Priority Mail so figure $5 for up to 2 die sets, or die set & brass; $10 for flat rate box if buy multiple items.
    I can accept Paypal (+3.25%), or Postal Moneyorder.
    Your gear will ship ASAP once funds arrive, sometimes same day.
    Insurance is your option, no insurance gets you a delivery confirmation # showing I mailed your stuff and a "So sorry" if it doesn't arrive.
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