First time on the range with CVA Accura MR

Discussion in 'Muzzleloader Hunting' started by FrontierGander, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Aug 23, 2010
    Bought this one from a friend I know mostly online and went hunting with a couple days in 2012.

    After sorting out some problems, I got everything shooting clean and perfect. A nice cool cloudy day helped me as I was kept busy messing with breech plugs and adjusting headspace a few times before finding my problem. I did aprox 50 strokes with Remington 40x bore cleaner to remove factory greases/oils and to smooth out any unseen.

    Applied Bore Coat and it set up perfect and cleans up super super easy. I never had an issue cleaning BH209 so the main importance for coating it was for rust protection on the inside, where it matters most.

    Installed Durasight one piece rail and then dropped on the SeeAll open sight, adjusted it to where it felt right and tightened it down. Rifle looks real sharp now! Its a Colorado gun so that SeeAll was a must have for this rifle design due to the high cheek comb and the fact the barrel is not drilled/tapped for open sight screws.

    Wiped the barrel down with the RIG Rag to help add some protection and prevent any scratches that may happen on the range or in the woods.
    It gave the barrel a better overall feeling rather than that dry feel, helps keep stains off too.

    One thing I will NOT use is that palm saver, it rubs up against the barrel finish and that just is not a good thing to have. It sticks out past the muzzle aprox 1/4" and after seeing a member on at my place with his split in half from the bullet hitting it, I won't be using it any time soon.
    100gr Blackhorn209, 300gr Powerbelt Aerolite, CCI 209 Magnum primers, 50 yards. First 3 low shots to the left were my first 3 at 50 yards, Adjusted and took 12