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    Aug 3, 2008
    Hello guys been reading this forum for??5years off and on but never posted.Been shooting(also off and on)for about 15years, becasue of funds, location or playing with V8!I'm posting here since I read this and reloading forums the most,so seems appropriate.You'll learn I'm biased toward savage/stevens - best bang for the buck,reliable,easy to work on or what I plan within the next 6-8months build a hell of a rifle(on a budget)!Won't go on and on with 50questions or 10 plans I have but will only get 1or2 done. I do reload,first CF I fired was a 111 in 7rem mag at about 550yds got the rock a few times(possible bias?).Did some load development and got some 340+yard paper punching in a year or so ago!AS it stands my pee shooters have been in storage since(hope they haven't rusted too bad). I plan to get out plinking again in the next few months and to go to the local 600yard matches next spring provided I have a worthy 308 by then! So hello again and keep the info coming
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting.;)

    Nothing wrong with Savages and I'll agree about the bang for the buck. You'll notice that there are a lot of guys around here that shoot Savages, either stock or in some modified form right up to full blown customs.

    Good luck with getting back out and shooting and keep us posted as to how the matches go next spring.