First buck of '05

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    Aug 18, 2005
    First buck of \'05

    Well this morning starting off bad, friend missed a small buck right at daylight and i tried to dispatch it before it made it to the treeline, to no avail. saw a really nice buck but had no oppurtunity for a shot, then all was quiet till after 5pm, when a spike wondered out of the woods about 110yds away. I decided to take the shot since the deer wasnt nervous i figured he'd make good eating. The angle was kind of odd because the deer was across a big ditch in the field and it was actually facing steeply downhill and quartering to me slightly, i was on top a hill so i was well above the deer, making the angle of the shot very steep. i aimed infront of his shoulder and squeezed off a 100gr Sierra SBT and it hit right where i held, the deer bucked and ran towards the ditch and out of sight. I waited afew minutes and walked down over the hill and found the buck in the ditch folded up nicely. I was very happy with the shot placement considering the angle at which i shot the deer, the bullet went in ahead of the onside shoulder and took out a large portion of the heart and one lung, and exited through the offside shoulder right at the point, taking alot of bone with it, and leaving a whole roughly the size of a baseball under the skin, but suprisingly the external damage was not too dramatic.
    I should have further updates tomorrow and hopefully some longer yardage shots too.