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    Feb 12, 2008
    Im looking for a little bit of impute from you guys

    Myself and a group of other students here in the Gunsmithing program here at TSJC a going to be starting a small business Fire forming brass through our reloading class that speedy is teaching.

    What i would like to know from you is what cases would you like to see us putting out.

    Here is a short list of cases that we had been talking about but feel free to add any cases that you would like to see.

    6mm PPC
    6mm Ackley (6mm rem)
    22-250 Ackley
    280 Ackley

    What we would also like to know is what extent would you like the brass to be prepped, Whether the full speedy treatment or just next turned, or just left at fire formed.

    Any other impute you might have for us please feel free to let me know