Finally, the Long Awaited LRR

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    Jun 26, 2011
    July 23 the final piece of my Long Range Rifle (LRR) arrived. Maybe it was the accumulated excitement--who knows--but I wasn't satisfied with five of my bedding attempts. The sixth made the criteria and the shooting began August 4. Loads began with 88 gr. of H1000 and rest today (8/5) at 92 gr. with shots 19, 20, and 21. In the rain and fog I held off using the chronograph--maybe tomorrow. RP brass with SMK 300s only fodder consumed and this week I hope to get out to 600 yards and get into Berger 300 Hybrids w/Nosler brass. We're into our August rains/fog/snow (higher elevations) cycle so conditions may dictate...
    Winchester M70 action (from 375H&H, Stainless Classic)
    Hart 30" BR1000 w/8x40 holes
    Jim See's Magnum 4 Port Muscle Brake
    Premier Gen II 5-25x56 MilDot in Millrads
    Near Alphamount (20MOA rings and 20MOA base) w/8x40 screws
    Manners T-5A stock
    Jewell trigger
    Atlas bipod
    USO level
    Wyatt's M-8E magazine
    All metalwork, including blueprinting, by Hart
    Do I dare state that the recoil is about that of a 243? And, at least for the shooter, noise is such that ear muffs are more than adequate protection? Its 21# weight tames the Edge to pleasurable status--far more so than my 270s! Shooting has been restricted to 100 yards to date, but that will change Tuesday. To say I'm excited, pleased, and so thankful for all the information, from others on this site and the expertise of dedicated conscientious crafts persons'--also from this site--is a massive understatement. Photos below show why.

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    Jul 24, 2012
    Nice shooting. I know how you feel. I've got a 2 year project that is almost done. dont get frustrated with the 300gr. bergers. they are real sensitive to seating depth, but once your find the exact OAL, they are amazing. I just ordered ton of Nosler brass, I'm almost as excited for the brass as I am for my gun.