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    Jan 25, 2011
    Hi, all. I've been trolling along here and there for about a now I've joined. I've become interested in LRH and so have been doing research on how to get started. I would be a completely new member to the sport. I live in New Mexico, and my understanding is that there are a number of options to "shoot" for right in my backyard. As far as hunting goes, I'm considering starting off with Coyote (predator) hunting, but I think I would like to move on to larger game later on (granted if my skills improve). The only experience I have in firearms is what I gathered during my brief years in the military (army). I have no side-arm (pistol) training. But I do have the standard BRM. With those very basic fundamentals, the question begs....with what do I start? I have read some good things about Savage rifles, but I'm curious to hear about others. I understand that your target game has almost everything to do with what you go with...not to mention budget! :p And if you have multiple types of game in mind...the tool needs to fit the job I suppose. So, I was considering a rifle in the 5.56mm caliber range for Coyotes (300 - 500 yrds), and perhaps a .338 Lapua for Oryx/Deer (once I'm to very long range...if I ever get there :p ). I'm just babbling now....

    Hello all.

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Welcome to LRH and enjoy! You made the right decision, lots of good folks here that are always willing and able to help out.

    I too am a big Savage fan and budget :D. I don't know if you've read it yet, but this one is a nice article to start with ...

    You can also check out the West - LongRangeHunting Online Magazine
    for posters/members from the ABQ area. I'm sure others will chime is soon.

    Although I own other caliber rifles, the .300 WM (SAKO M995 and Savage 111F) is my go to caliber rifle and hunt from javelina/pronghorn to elk/moose size game using .180gr and up pills.

    BTW, I was stationed at Kirtland from 1996-2000.

    Good luck!