Finally got my BAR sighted in.

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    Jul 26, 2009
    I moved my Vortex 6-24x50mm PST FFP MOA scope with the custom turret from my 6mm Norma BR. to my Browning BAR 30-06.

    I did have to sight it in at 200 yds. and then loosen the elevation turret and re-adjusted it to #2 for 200 yds. I also had to adjust the windage turret a few clicks to get it to zero. Then I turned the turret to #3 for 300 yds. and shot. Then I turned the turret to #4 for 400 yds. and shot two times.

    I was shooting Remington Factory 150 gr. Cor-Lokt bullets. The target at left was the 200 yd. sight in target. The last shot was the one in the pink center. This is when I fixed the turrets. Then I shot one shot at 300 yds. which I pulled to the right. then I shot twice at 400 yds and shot 2" high & 6" low for a group size of 8 inches at 400 yds. Then I ran out of ammo. When I get out to the range I'll try it again to conform the results.

    OH, I was shooting with a bipod and bag under the butt. gun)---------------------------

    To make a long story short it looks like I won't need to buy another custom turret for the BAR. :D


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