Falcon menace or bushnell

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  1. PvtMcCollam

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    Feb 15, 2013
    Ok I'm looking at a few scopes. My original one was a zeiss but when I went to buy it the place said the scope was discontinued and their other scopes are more expensive. I am now looking at a Falcon Menace 10-50x60 or 5.5-25x50 and a Bushnell elite tactical 4.5-30x50 or 6-24x50. Out of these scopes what's the best for shooting ranges between 200-1300 yards. I want a scope that's got good glass, repeatable adjustments, and rezeros as close to zero as possible. If there's anymore scopes you think I should look at plz let me know. I'm willing to pay $800-900 for a scope that works great for the money. If its cheaper than that than great. Thanks for all your help and helping me put some lead down range accurately gun)
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    Jul 20, 2007
    I have a Falcon Menace 4-14 and think it is a great scope. It has sat on two .308's and a 7mm magnum without a hitch. The problem is they can only warranty it for 5 years. For the budget you stated I would be looking into the Sightron SIII line or the Vortex something or other.
    By the way, why so much magnification?

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    Dec 24, 2008
    I love that magnification range. I have not used the falcon but have a couple 6-24x50 4200 elite bushnells and they are great. Totally repeatable with great glass, one of the most underrated scopes out there. I picked mine up for $500 and $512. At $8-900 you have the vortex pst if you want to spend your money on lit reticule and ffp or the sightron siii if you would rather have that money spent in the glass.
    Can't go wrong with any of the three.

    I would spend 5-600 on the bushnell or jump up to the sightron but I am a purist that hates the lit reticule knob on the vortex and does not care about ffp.