factory ammo for 1:7 twist 16 bbl?

Discussion in 'AR15/10 Rifles' started by left handed gun, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. left handed gun

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    Jan 6, 2014
    Have a Colt LE 6940, 16 " bbl with 1:7 twist.

    Just put a scope on it. Looking for recommendations for best factory ammo to see what it will group. I can get plenty of plinking ammo, American Eagle, Military surplus, etc.

    Locally, I can get Hornady 75 grain BTHP for 21.00/ box.

    Federal Gold Medal Match is ...#@! 39.99 box at only local source.
    I could find the GMM online if anyone recommends it based on experience. I believe they have a 69 gr and a 77 gr.

    Is a heavier bullet generally (other things being equal) generally more accurate in a 1:7 bbl?

    BlacK Hills unavailable locally. Nor did I see any at Cabelas on a recent trip. when it was available, and I shot a lot of it in my M1A, I found it close to Fed GMM, but no better. Curious if it is worth hunting it down online for a 5.56 carbine.

    Military Surplus Lake City shot very well in my 7.62. Curious if anything similar produced for the 5.56.

    Gun is stock, with a fairly heavy trigger.
    It shoots anything you feed it, whether .223 or 5.56. Knock on wood, not a single FTF or other problem so far, with maybe 750 rounds down the pipe.
  2. catskinner

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    Dec 18, 2011
    The 1/7 twist is for the heavier bullets. Try those 75 grn hornadys. They shoot great in my rifles. Also the 77 grain nosler custom competitions are a good choice for a cheaper heavy bullet.

  3. ncwg2boatguy

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    Sep 10, 2013

    Grab some American Eagle 50gr ballistic tips. Ammoseek.com. flat shooting and very affordable. Its perfect so you can practice and varmint hunt with the same ammo. Which means less time fingering the scope making adjustments.
  4. billn17

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    Jun 28, 2011
    +1, on that. My SCAR 16s has 1/7 barrel and it loves the 75gr TAPS gun). LGS had them on sale for $14 per box so I bought several.
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