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    Oct 5, 2008
    H&R model 157 22 hornet mannlicher, fine condition, with scope base $265

    H&R handi rifle in 22 wmr. medium weight barrel, no longer available, standard wood stocks, weaver base. fired 20 times. as new $220

    H&R handi rifle in 35 whelen. , no longer made, upgraded with laminate stocks. with weaver base. fired 15 times as new $350

    remington 660 with a 26" stainless fluted remington take-off barrel chambered in 308 win. sitting in a refinished 600 stock. action/trigger job done. $600

    remington 600 308 win, vent rib model, metal is in excellent condition, stock was cut out for peep site sometime in the past and a recoil pad was added and it was refinished, includes original open sites and turn-in style steel base. $600

    new remington 700 300 win mag bdl model with upgraded new hsprecision hunter style black color stock. new and unfired $1000

    thompson center contender barrels:

    10" stainless round bull barrel in 22 hornet, original sights, as new $200
    10" blued round barrel in 7 tcu with second dovetail added, original (removeable) sights excellent $175

    used remington stainless 222 rem. 40x take-off barrel, heavy contour $125

    used remington 7mm rem mag take-off bbl, blued/stainless older barrel, drilled for sights $40

    please email remnut@epix.net for pics. all prices obo and are FTF or plus actual shipping costs thanks jim
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