F/S Rem 700, Leupold, HS Precision, Les Baer

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    Oct 8, 2003
    Here is what I have.

    1. Remington 700 pre-j-lock Varment model in new condition 80 rounds fired. It shoots well under 1/2moa. .223 Remington. The trigger has been tuned to about 1.5 pounds very sweet. $450. (Barreled Action)Celt and GA Precision will trade out the bolts for .308 at no charge.

    2. New condition HS Precision PST25 fully adjustable Short action stock. $400

    3.Remington PSS .300 Win Mag broken in with 30 rounds fired. Looks brand new as does the .223. Trigger was tuned as well and comes with set of Leupold 1 inch rings and mounts. Bonus get 1 box of Speer Nitrex ammo and 1 box of Winchester Supreme 180 Ballistic Silver tip. $650

    4. Leupold 6.5x20 50mm scope with target turrets and Mil-dot reticle. $575 this is a one inch.

    5.4.5x14 50mm Leupold Tacitcal with Mil-dot reticle. $700 New condition.

    7. Les Baer Concept 5 All stainless $1100

    8. Les Baer SRP P-14 HRT pistol $2400.



    lesbaer@hotmail.com or email as well at