F class for varmint rigs

Discussion in 'Long Range Competition' started by rdsii64, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Dec 11, 2008
    We all know that we CAN enter an F class match with our long range hunting rigs.
    My question is this; is there a class specifically for rifles more like varmint rifles as apposed to dedicated target rigs. I would love to enter a match where no rear bag was allowed and your bipod must be a field type bipod. No double turbo superpods that you find on dedicated target rifles
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    Sep 27, 2006
    In New Zealand and I assume elsewhere the two officially recognised classes are F-Class Open Class, and F-T/R (F-Class Target Rifle Class).
    However this year during the National Rifle Association of New Zealand F-Class champs held in March we added two unofficial club-level classes; F Class Tactical/Hunter Open and F Class Tactical/Hunter Production (223/308). This was to allow shooters with rifles in more of a tactical, long range hunting, or varmint configuration to compete against similar rifles. All such rifles could only shoot from a bi-pod or backpack. Rear bags were permitted. All such rifles had to have a magazine and shooters were permitted to either fed manually or fed from the magazine. The number of rounds fired, the range distances shot, & targets were the same as the two official classes; the only difference was the equipment.

    Winning Rifles in each Class were:
    F-Class Open: Barnard in 284Win
    F/TR: Barnard in .308
    Tach/Hunt Open: Surgeon/AICS in 6.5mm08 AckImp
    Tach/Hunt Prod: FNH A3G in .308

    So I guess anything is possible if clubs / organisations are able to accommodate.