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    Jul 16, 2005
    I just got done watching Richard Franklin's Precision Reloading for Accuracy Video. It has a ton of information. He goes over the following in detail;

    1. Uniforming Primer pockets
    2. Cleaning Flash holes
    3. Trimming brass
    4. How to lower run out.
    5. the importance of keeping your run-out low
    6. How run-out effects your accuracy
    7. The Proper way to use Wilson Dies (Very informative and interesting for those who might be wanting to know how these dies work. I am definitely going to switch over to Wilson Dies after watching this video)
    8. How to Bump shoulders and what tool to use for this procedure
    9. Why you need to bump shoulders
    10. Necking down from one caliber to another
    11. How to Neck Turn brass properly
    12. Using bushings
    13. Explains the differences between No-Turn, Tight Neck and Factory Chambers
    14. Discusses different types of Reloading tools and how to use them
    15. Case prep
    16. How to measure Cartridge Over All length, Necks and Neck thickness
    17. How to check for Pressure signs and what to look for

    I am sure I missed a few things. There was a ton of information on this video.
    I would highly recommend this video to anyone who is getting into relaoding and even the individual who has been reloading for years. I have been reloading for 23 years, and I learned some new things that will help me out.

    If you have been thinking about using Wilson Reloading Dies and you have not pulled the trigger because you don't know how to use them, Richard's video does an excellent job explaining how to use them correctly. Like I said, after seeing this video, I am going to switch over to Wilson dies.

    This video has a ton of information about Precision Reloading and if you are wanting to improve your accuracy, reloading skills and knowledge, buy this video. It is worth every penny.

    If you want to buy a copy, go to Richards site at Richard's Custom rifles. I hope this helps those who are wanting help reloading or help wanting to learn how to do Precision Reloading. If you are a new reloader, This is an EXCELLENT VIDEO.

    PLEASE, don't hi-jack this post and turn it into something that's not helpful to the reader.

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  2. Dave King

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    May 3, 2001
    This video could be good info for a new reloader but for someone that has been around precision reloading for a while this should all be known information and just a view of another reloaders opinions and methods.

    Here is how I view the progression of reloading

    1. Ask a few folks about reloading, take on a little knowledge and buy stuff.

    2. Discover that the first series of information was a little flawed and adjust equipment list (some of us like lists).

    3. Load some ammo and be overwhelmed with the idea of creation.

    4. Talk with the original source of reloading information, buy more stuff and change methods a little.

    5. Discover that the original/previous source of information has a few things wrong or does useless operations.

    6. Find another reloader and adopt some of those techniques.

    7. Buy more reloading equipment to perform the new rituals and techniques.

    8. Repeat list items 5, 6 and 7 until you discover that your loads are plenty precise and there is no need to continue 'buffing a trud'.

    9. Buy a truly precision rifle and discover what changes a point of impact when reloading.

    10. Discover that reloading is based on fact and myth with many more myths than facts.

    11. Make a mental list of myths and facts, don't share them with anyone because they may not be at stage 10 in their reloading development cycle.

    12. Enter reloading Nirvana .

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    Mar 24, 2008
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    Feb 9, 2007
    You've nailed that one Dave, great observation!
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    Dec 31, 2006
    Where did you order the video? Is it the same video asthe one titled, Advanced Handloading: Beyond the Basics by Redding Sierra, etc.Host John Barsness