Ever played around with 7mm Mauser AI?

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  1. rocky_lange

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    Jan 3, 2008
    I just picked up a 7MM Mauser in fairly good shape, non matching numbers. I bought it for a play toy (gunsmithing practice). So what can I do to get better performance out if it?

    7x57 only has a 20 degree shoulder so I assume I could improve it. Anybody here try?

    What else could I rechamber the existing barrel into? I do not wish to rebarrel at this time, only rebore what I have. So keep the suggestion to 7mm with dimensions LARGER than a 7x57. I also don't want to cut the barrel shorter yet as I do not have a lathe.

    I have not fired the rifle yet, so I do not have a benchmark. But I guarantee it will have better accuracy after I finish cleaning it. So far, 1 hour scrubbing the bore and swabbing with soaked patches and after 40 patches, they are still coming out black. I don't believe the former owner knows what a cleaning kit looks like.

    Next question, anybody have a link to a website where I can get bulk surplus ammo? So far I've found 100 rounds of 139gr for about $60 and 173gr for $75. Both PSP. I would like to find FMJs in 500 or more rounds.

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    Jan 12, 2008
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