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    I thought you guys would like to read a response I got from Bushnell on the Fusion 1600 combo.They do offer alot of ballistics for different calibers for the rifle mode on their website. One drawback I found when I looked for a .308 caliber bullet in 190 grain was that the velocities all averaged 2700 fps. I needed 3000fps. I would really prefer a bino/rangefinder combo, but I'm leaning toward Leica 1600 CRF-B.

    I'm still trying to find out the ballistics chart in the Leica 1600.

    Can anyone give me a clue?

    Here is the email:

    1. What is the coldest temp that the rangefinder and display will still work?
    Operating temperature range for the Fusion 1600 is -10C to +50C.

    2. I have heard that Bushnell has over 100 different calibers available for the rifle mode if asked for on your website. Is this true?
    In order to determine all of the ballistic calibers that we support please visit our webpage in order to look up a specific bullet combination. (select the Ballistics Chart icon)

    3. How do you get accurate reading on animals with other objects nearby?
    Bushnell features a series of ranging modes that will help acquire targets when there is debris in the way. The first mode that Bushnell has to help with target acquisition is the “Brush” mode will allow the shooter to acquire the back ground object and ignore the foreground clutter. The second mode that Bushnell lasers feature is “BullsEye” mode will allot the shooter to acquire the first available object and ignore the background clutter around the target. Both of these modes are going to be built into many of the Bushnell laser rangefinders.

    4. I have heard a lot of negative about the red display not being seen easily? Has this been addressed in new models?
    The Bushnell VDT(Vivid Display Technology) features a reticle option so that you can increase or decrease the luminance of the reticle for the surrounding lighting conditions. This will be increasingly important in the early morning which you would need to decrease the brightness control to “BRT1”. This will make the reticle visible but will not be so bright that you cannot see through the optics. Another scenario would be shooting in the bright afternoon, you would need to set the brightness level on “BRT4” so that the reticle is easy to see in the bright sunlight.

    5. Does the BullsEye mode narrow the 2 millrad x 4 millrad beam divergence?
    BullsEye utilizes uses advanced signal processing to extract the near field target. The beam divergence is not adjusted.

    6. Do the 12x50’S have upgraded optics over the 8x42’s?
    There are two different magnification setups for the Bushnell laser rangefinder binoculars, 10x42 and 12x50. Both of these units are going to have comparable benefits and features. The main difference between the units is that the 10x bino will offer a wider field of view in comparison to the 12x, whereas the 12x will bring the object in which you are looking at closer.

    Please do not reply to this message.
    Bushnell Customer Service

    Thank you.
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    That was helpful.....:rolleyes:

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    All I can say is "I LOVE MY Fusions". Even at dusk with heavy overcast I can see well and still range cattle at 1858 yards. It will range rocks, trees, and animals all day long to 1850. That is whay cool for the price.:) Heck, for budget guys these are the RF's to get...hands down. gun)
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    Love mine too.

    I've been hitting antelope with them all week at 1500 plus.

    Even then, I'd never trust the generic ballistics calculator in them. It's just too easy to get an exact solution out of my PDA or phone.
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    Yup, +1 .
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    well... they certainly took a good bit of time to answer your questions. that's pretty rare these days... most CS groups just send you a general FAQ link, if they respond to your email at all...