Elk vs. Mountain Lions

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    Aug 20, 2007
    I thought that with the recent posts on wolves doing their damage to the deer and elk herds out west that I would share this little story. Keep in mind that I recieved this info via 3rd party. I have no reason to dispute it as it all seems very real to me. The story is from a person near west yellowstone, MT. who was driving along highway 191 just north of 'covered wagon ranch' when he saw this action taking place.

    I have some buddies out in New Mexico who are always griping about the lions making an impact on their deer population and thought I would get some thoughts on this from everybody out west.

    Like I said, I have no relationship with this man, but they look very real to me.



    The story says that the elk got away after about a five minute struggle, ???
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    Feb 19, 2004
    i just hope that elk got a few good kicks in. i'll bet his face is hamburger.

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    Dec 27, 2006
    Received this e-mail this AM, supposedly writtn by the person who took the pics. I also received several more similiar pics.
    Elk have though hide, but no blood on the elk or snow.
    Have a hard time beleiving this one.

    I took these photos on Monday the 18th of Feb. at 12:30 PM at mm 34.5 on
    > Hiway 191 south of Big Sky along the Gallatin River. The six point bull
    > elk was belly deep in snow and struggling. I stopped to observe, and
    > when the elk stood up, I noticed something hanging from his neck. A
    > cougar was attempting a choke hold to suffocate the elk by collapsing
    > his trachea.
    > These photos are just a few of the pictures I took during this five
    > minute struggle. Finally the cat gave up on his choke hold and decided
    > to take a look at me. He took a couple steps toward me, and I put my
    > hands into the air and yelled loudly. He hesitated, looked back at the
    > elk that was now meandering south along the hiway, and then looked back
    > towards me. I raised my hands and yelled again, he finally retreated up
    > the hill, and the encounter was over.
    > The bull headed south apparently uninjured and feeling very lucky.
    > Bg
    > Brad Grein
    > PO Box 1289
    > West Yellowstone, MT. 59758
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    Dec 1, 2007
    keep in mind......

    that when comparing wolf depredation to mtn lion that lions dont run in packs of 10 -20 animals and kill every critter they can run down.....lions do kill on average of one deer a week......then they stay with it until it is totally consumed....not just take a few bites then run on to the next victim....there is a reason why wolves were nearly exterminated in the 1800's.....reason being , if you want healthy game herds, you do not want healthy wolfpacks.......AJ
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    Dec 7, 2007
    Sounds reasonable

    I've read stories about how couger are supposed to be able to take out a bull elk with one swipe. Always raised my BS alert flag to full mast. The story given sounds more like the truth to me. I don't think a couger would even try except in unusual circumstances. A cow maybe, a calf of course, but a healthy big bull; that's BS.