Elk Bullet for .264 Win Mag

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    Jun 10, 2013
    I have a Nevada Bull Elk hunt this November. I am going to be using a .264 Win Mag and I am having a hard time deciding on which bullet to use. I have used the 130gr Accubond on Mule Deer with great success and I am considering using this bullet for the hunt. I am also considering the 140gr Accubond, 120 gr Barnes TTSX bullet and the 130gr Berger VLD. Does anyone have any first hand experience with these bullets in the 264? Good recommendations?

    Thanks for the help.Thomas
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    Jan 10, 2008
    I myself have never even had the opportunity to elk hunt because I live on the wrong side of the US. I have killed a good deal of white tail deer and some big ones in the mix. I have used the 130 Accubond in my 264 Win mag and have only recovered one bullet because all others were pass troughs. That one recovered left the muzzle at 3350 fps average and struck the left point of a BIG bucks shoulder at 111 yards smashing the shoulder bowling him over on his butt dead as a stone. Found the bullet in the right ham after it smashed the ball socket. Weight was 87 grs and it was a perfect text book mushroom. I believe that would do a number on an elk. If in doubt use what a friend of mine that used to live in that country used in his 264 Win mag. 140 Partitions and he never had to shoot one twice. Which ever you choose put it where it is supposed to go and have a sharp knife.