Elite 4200 vs. Nikon Buckmaster

Discussion in 'Long Range Scopes and Other Optics' started by match, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. match

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    Aug 29, 2005
    I'm getting ready to put together a 204 AR-15 and would like suggestions on scope choices. Two that I have in my finalist category are the Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 x 40 AO Mil-Dot, and the Nikon BM 6-18 x 40 w/ BDC. I'd like opinions on these choices for my new AR. The gun will be used for informal paper punching on occasion, but mostly as a prarie dog setup (most shots between 30 and 500 yards). I have a SS 16x setup on my Armalite AR-30 in 300 Win Mag, and really like it, but I want adjustable power for up close shots on the 204. I've never looked through one of the Nikon's, but did get to look through an Elite 4200 3-9, and WOW......what great glass!! BTW other opinions and or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated !!
  2. CatShooter

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    May 8, 2001
    I would vote for the Nikon.

    I have both, and the problem I have wth the 6x24 4200 scope is the winky dink elevation knobs. My shooting styls is to dial elevation and hold off for windage. The dials on the Bushness are hard to real in the field, and hard to reset.

    Also.. the bushnell only has 26 moa from the top to bottom of elevation (and windage too), so getting zero at long range can be a problem with most ring/mount set ups.

    The turrets on the Nikon are great. So are the optics.