Elephant's Foot

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    How To Prepare Elephant's Foot

    "Take an elephan'ts foot, preferably young and very fresh;remove the white flesh which covers the bone, and cut it into strips the thickness of your finger, reminding one of sticks of "pate de guimauve". Place these appetising strips in the sun for two days to dry, and collect the pure fat which exudes from them in the form of clear oil. To make the dish known as "mwendo wa nzou", take one of these strips, cut it intosmall pieces, put it into a sucepan containing a little water, place it on a gentle fire, and renew the water several times. When a jelly has formed add to it the oil in which you have browned a few onions, a little thyme ect., or an equivalent aromatic plant, one or two very strong chillies, and let it cook gently for twenty four hours, still adding water when necessary. Serve hot------ with manioc flour or grated biscuit separately."

    "After Big Game in Central Africa" by Edouard Foa; 1894-1897

    Enjoy !!!!!!!

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    It doesn't necessarily sound great, but I have probably eaten worse at a fast food restaurant. I would be willing to try it, especially since it would most likely mean that I was in Africa.


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    Oh...I thought it said "Elephant Ear" which is a sweet, sugary bakery crisp that my wife loves to eat.

    Never mind. :)