Effect of stock and bedding on load developement and accuracy of a given load???

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  1. cdherman

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    Aug 9, 2008
    I have a newly screwed together 7mm Rem SAUM useing Savage SA. Custom throated barrel from Shilen, hopefully throated to allow the big 168 and 180 projectiles to seat to lands AND fit in the mag. The savage SA, FWIW, is about 0.2 inch longer than rem and win, from what I've read, which allows the shorter SAUM just enough extra length to try and use the magazine with those VLD cigars....


    The question is: I have the Savage tupperware stock (not accustock). Have not been able to find the "perfect" aftermarket stock for the newer centerfeed action that I have. Debating between expensive custom versions versus laminate wood and pillar beddng.

    So: If I proceed with load developement, and find a good load with the tupperware stock, how likely is it that I will need to start over if/when I decide on a different stock system?

    I have generally thought that a good load in a given, free floated rifle would be only made better with better stock and bedding. But maybe I am wrong?

    I really don't have the time or barrel life to work up a good load twice. I know, shooting is supposed to be fun. It is when you have the time, which I don't...

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    Dec 24, 2008
    She might change or settle a little different with the new foundation under her. It sounds like you want all she's got so with that in mind, I would wait to do your load work if it is in the immediate future. I like the choate tactical and it's v-block skim bedded, altho I see it is not within the realm of you decision. Take a look at them if you have not. Good luck.................P.S. do not wait to long, you only live once.