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    Been reading a lot about this rifle scope. A few interesting features set it far apart from the normal scopes. Digital imaging is the first but with that comes an almost unlimited options of reticles. The power range is from 2.5 ~ 16.5 and displayed FOV @ 100 yards is 36.4 feet (2.5'); 5.8 feet (16.5'). Exit pupil dia is 12 mm and eye relief is 60 mm or 2.36.

    It can hold up to 4 different reticles and can be customized for load. You can make a "BDC" if you will for four different guns or estimate temps and altitudes and build four different reticles for whatever weather conditions you might think you'll encounter.

    I think I can convince the wife to let me get the day/night model but want to ask on here if any of you have used it or have an opinion of it based off of hands on or know acquaintances usage of it.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Very interesting.. keep us informed as to any info you find....

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    Nov 6, 2006
    eye relief is 60 mm or 2.36.

    Not enough for any gun that I shoot. I look for something close to 3.5" or more.
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    Yeah after reading it you're not actually viewing through the device but rather viewing a small screen, like a digital camera or video camera.

    So eye relief I think could be up to your vision?