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    Apr 14, 2010
    Ok, so Im about to order some Duracoat ( Armacoat ) and am just wondering what kind of precautions you guys take when painting an entire rifle ( barreled action, scope, and stock ). How well do you tape off the trigger area? And do you completely mask off the port and bolt?
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    Jul 20, 2009
    I have Dura Coated three of my rifles. On each, I used blue painters tape to cover anything I did not want coated. A foam ear plug in the muzzle worked great. No problems.

    I taped up the trigger to ensure no coating made its way to the guts.

    I completely taped off the bolt and port.

    The last rifle I coated, I separated the barreled action from the stock before coating. The other two rigs I coated as a whole. Both methods gave good results. Separating everything probably gave a little better results and if desired, you could coat the entire underside of the barrel and receiver.

    I have no prior experience painting with an airbrush. I found the Dura Coat very user friendly and forgiving. Not one run, drip, or other application OOOPS was incurred during the process. It is easier to apply than Krylon.

    I think it is important to lightly sand all surfaces metal, aluminum, or synthetic before coating. I used common aerosol brake cleaner for the final degrease before coating. I recommend you have a can of laquer thinner handy for clean up. Good lighting is also key in determining that you have a consistent, complete coating. Sunlight is best.

    The colors I have used are Tactical Coyote Brown, Tactical OD Green, Tactical Flat Black, and Satin Clear. Be advised the color might look a little off when you first apply it. After it dries, it will look perfect.