Dual purpose scope for 7mm-08 Build

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    Nov 24, 2013
    In the past, I have used Leopold quick release rings to switch back and forth between my hunting scope (3-9x40 Burris Bal Plex) and my range scope (Simmons 6.5-20x50) that I used for working up hand loads. However, for the past two seasons I have actually been hunting with the 6.5-20x50 and have gotten used to having that high zoom available when I need (want) it. This is especially true when hunting hogs and making those "just below the ear" shots. The Leupold quick release rings have worked quite well, always getting me back to within 1/2" of original impact. The Simmons and Burris scopes have been "Ok" for my purposes, but by no means "great".

    So, with all that said and in light of my new 7mm-08 build, I have decided to upgrade the optics for the new rifle, and would appreciate hearing your opinions and recommendations.

    Here is some info to help with those opinions/recommendations:
    • The rifle will be used primarily for hunting deer, hogs and the occasional coyote here in central Texas and for target shooting / load development.
    • 90+% of my hunting here in Texas is from elevated blinds so, to a degree, total rifle weight is not an issue.
    • Deer often come in very low light conditions (before sunup & just before dark)
    • Hogs and coyotes are often hunted at night with use of external light mounted to scope.
    • Low light hunting capability is a critical requirement (min 50MM Obj min)
    • Rifle will also be used for informal target shooting out to 500 yards and for load development.
    • Large zoom range required to allow for close range hunting and long range target shooting so as to keep me from having to switch scopes.
    • Target knobs and excellent tracking required.
    • A "0 Stop" would be a huge bonus. I plan to set the "0 Stop" for my primary bullet and develop an "adjustment" table for other bullet types/weights.
    • Price range: ~$1,000 give or take a couple of hundred.
    • I expect a HUGE improvement over my current Burris / Simmons scopes
    Currently being considered:
    Zeiss Conquest HD5 Rifle Scope 5-25x 50mm Plex Reticle
    Appears to be relatively new to the market; however, everything I have read about it so far has been positive.

    So.... what are your thoughts, opinsions, recommendations?

    Thanks for your imput
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    Dec 15, 2012

    The Rudolph C1 6-24x50mm with the Illuminated T3 reticle seems like the perfect application for you needs.

    Selling at $950, with a Full Lifetime Guarantee, Japanese optics......you are going to struggle to find better value for money!


    Contact us at: info@rudolphoptics.com