Drop chart for 7MM WSM

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  1. seischens

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Does anybody have a drop chart for 160 Grain 7mm wsm? I am just looking for a starting point. Also using turrets for the first time. If i have a 200 yrd zero and my drop at 500 yrds is 37.8, how many MOA is that? My scope is a leupold with 1/4 MOA adjustments @ 100.
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    Oct 18, 2008
    nearest factory load i could find 160 tbbc at 3120fps bc of .408
    100yds 200yds 300yds 400yds 500yds 600yds
    +1.3 0.0 -6.3 -18.4 -37.6 -65 inches
    +1.3 0 -2.0 -4.4 -7.2 -10.4 MOA
    happy plinking

  3. loaders_loft

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    Feb 11, 2008
    check the back of your reloading manual. nosler has drop charts in theirs.

    1MOA at 500 yards=5inches so, that would be 30 clicks on your scope. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Jul 16, 2008
    You should provide the BC of the bullet. I would make a suggestion also. You may want to consider the 154 grain Interbond. It has a .525 BC and is not overly long which may work better in the 7WSM than some of the longer high BC 160s due to seating depth.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    This may help for starting out ...

    I have a load for the 7WSM with 160 Accubonds that pretty much duplicates the factory Winchester Supreme CXP3 160 grain Accubonds. I had purchased a box of the 160 Accubond Win Supremes just for fun and found that they shot extremely well in a factory Savage model 16 FCSS. I did my best to duplicate the factory load and this is what I came up with.

    The load is 69.5 Gr H1000 (110% load ratio!) with Rem 9 1/2M primers seated to COL of 2.82", same overal length as the factory rounds. (seated way into the case and no where near the lands, probably work in a Remmy mag well)

    Chrony said they were going 3021 fps from a 24 inch barrel. (Quickload says 3051 fps - 62.9K psi) Published BC of the Nosler 160 Accubond is 0.531.

    You could start a bit low and work up to that load ...


    So a drop chart (assuming a 160 grain Accubond - BC 0.531) that matches your 200 yd zero and drops 37.8 at 500 yds looks like this:

    .284 160 GR AB SP, 2980 ft/sec at muzzle, 200.0 yd zeroed.

    Range Height MOA
    (yds) (in)
    0 -1.50 0.00
    100 1.47 -1.41
    200 0.00 0.00
    300 -6.57 2.09
    400 -18.91 4.51
    500 -37.87 7.23
    600 -64.52 10.27

    with clicks as follows:

    Range (yd) Clicks
    --------- ------
    0 0
    100 -6
    200 0
    300 8
    400 18
    500 29
    600 41

    PS, the velocity that matched your drop (assuming a 160 grain Accubond - BC 0.531) is 2980 fps.

    The published Winchester Supreme 7mm WSM Product Symbol: S7MMWSMCT drop chart can be found at:

    Centerfire Rifle
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    Aug 23, 2008

    did you get all that?
    theres things you didnt include that are important.
    i would assume your rather new at this or you wouldnt be asking. dont ever be embarrased to ask a question. a dumb question is better than a dumb mistake.
    first, your better off w/ a 100 yd. zero.
    once you sight in, make sure you loosen the tiny set screws on both turret knobs and turn them to line up with the zero and retighten. now you can always return to your 100 yd. zero from any distance.
    4 clicks = i min. or 1" @100 yds. also = 2" @ 200 3"@300 4" @400 and 10"@ 1000yds.
    in order to get an accurate chart, you would need the b/c of the bullet, and the muzzel velocity.
    for that you need access to a chronograph.
    if you can find a place to shoot out to 500 yds. like say a pipeline or powerline. you can make up your own chart very easily.
    make up a 4ftx8ft wood frame and cover it w/ homosote.
    get a roll of table cloth paper and staple it on .
    set it up so its stable and measure off 100 yd intervels.
    starting at 100 shoot at 2, 3, 4, and 500 yds. and measure the bullet drop at each location from the same bullseye
    you could use 50 yd, intervals which would be even better. you will have an accurate chart for your gun w/ your load.
    i would shoot 3 shot groups at each and mark each carefully so as not to get confused later.
    you could keep going as far as you like.
    years ago, this was the only means we had, and it worked just fine.
    by the time your finished you'll be an expert.
  7. seischens

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Thanks for all the replies. I am shooting a barnes 160 grain TSX with a factory muzzle velocity of 2990 and BC of .392. I realize this is going to be off since I am sending it down a 26" barrel. I don't have access to a chrono yet but do a have unlimited range to shoot right in my back yard. I have moa groups out to 500 with the old scope on this gun. The way I understand it is that with a 200 yrd zero, I would turn my evelation turret one complete revolution plus three for a 37.9" drop at 500 using the 0-15 on my turret. counting individual clicks doesn't seem the way I learned it. I have done it before at the KD range at Benning Ijust can't remember. I think there too we used a 100 yrd zero.
  8. yobuck

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    Aug 23, 2008

    you are the one who must decide what works for you.
    there are several approaches you could use here.
    you could use the kiss method. (keep it simple stupid)
    which is what ive always subscribed to. or you coulde use the complex approach.
    believe me, both work. as for clicks versus minits. my charts are CLICK charts.
    each time you turn that knob it goes click.
    you can just count those clicks, and say ive added 40 clicks for example, or you could divide by 4 and say ive added 10 minits.
    the scope wont care, the gun wont care, and trust me a dead deer wont care.
    1 full rev. on your scope is 50 clicks, 2 are 100. for a guy like me who needs glasses to even see the lines, counting clicks makes sence.