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    Jun 28, 2006
    finaly the wind died down here and i got out to do some hunting.whent to a favorite spot spotted some does in a small gully after a short stalk to what i estimated to be about 300 yards away from them {i have got a rangefinder on order cant wait to get it} i settled down for the shot i needed 14 clicks elavation for 300 dialed that into the leopould set the cross hairs behind the smallest does shoulder as she turned broardside .she droped at the shot and that ws it.pacing it out she was 310 yards and the bullet was spot on .i was shooting a 65 grain v max through my cooper pheonix 6mm ppc .our roe deer rarely weigh more than 50 pounds so the lite bullet and the v max kills them no bother .will try and work out how to post pics.