Dillon 550 parts and pieces...

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    Jul 5, 2010
    I tried to sell off some of this stuff as complete sets but couldn't get any bites so I am going to split it up and get rid of it. First up

    "B" shell plate Dillon part # 13347 $32.95 from dillon
    "7" locator buttons (all 3)Dillon Part # 13436 $7.47 from dillon
    "B" powder funnel Dillon Part # 13587 $13.95 from dillon
    "P" power funnel Dillon Part #13187 $13.95 from dillon

    See what they go to Here and Here

    Make an offer on this stuff I need it gone

    Will also trade for a "K" powder funnel
    A case trimmer of some kind???
    .204 ruger brass
    22-250 rem brass
    .257 weatherby mag brass
    20 cal 40gr nosler ballistic tip bullets
    .224 cal 55gr nosler ballistic tip bullets
    .257 ca 110gr nosler accubond bullets

    or some butler creek caps that will fit some nikon scopes