Differences Between Model 70 and 700?

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  1. ovastafford

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I know the basic differences between the controlled round feed model 70 and model 700 but where does the push feed model 70 fall in? It seems very similar to the model 700. Overall which is a better action to build on as far as strength, accuracy, and case extraction? Also does anyone know if the mag box on a la model 70 is the same as a Remington or longer?

  2. highridge1

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    Jan 24, 2008
    The model 70 pushfeed action is a very good action. It just doesn't get the attention like the rem 700 and aftermarket support. Many accurate rifles have been built on a win 70 pushfeed. I don't have one right now to give you some mag box length numbers.

  3. rscott5028

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    Apr 18, 2010
    There are more knowledgeable folks here that will likely chime in.

    But, in a nutshell...

    Both will withstand more than SAMMI spec pressures.

    Both have been very successful in a broad range of competitive applications.

    Both have more than adequate aftermarket support to build any kind of rifle you desire.

    I shoot both and like them. Regardless of which one I'm shooting, I'm not in fear of blowback, broken extractors, or flexing, etc... A good smith can make a great shooter out of either one.

    I like the M70 safety, flat bottom reciever, integral recoil lug.

    I like the option of Rem 700 clones with excellent quality and tolerances. You don't see many M70 clones because the machine work is more complex which makes them more expensive to build.

    -- richard
  4. Greyfox

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    Jan 21, 2008
    I have had both rifles in several calibers. Both are capable of delivering excellent accuracy. I saw no difference in this respect. The model 70 has an integral recoil lug that is heavier then the washer designed lug on the model 700 . The extractor on the Model 70's extractor appears more robust and is easy to take apart and clean. Both work well though. The biggest difference is the round bar stock shape of the Rem 700 receiver which is preferred by many gunsmiths for custom work. It's easier to rebarrel and true up the action compared to the forged square bottom Model 70. Bedding is also easier with the 700. I don't recall a big difference in the magazine length but the Model 70 used the same long action, for both short and long cartridges by using a sheet metal block in the magazine well. The reason for my preference for the Model 70 was the three position safety, mounted directly on the bolt that allows you to lock the bolt. Both have good triggers that can be tuned well. I personally like the simple design, of he Model 70 better.