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    Feb 24, 2003
    I have been cleaning house for quite sometime, and have a bunch of dies for sale. I did not open each box and take pictures. I assure you, all of the dies are in good shape, clean, but may have some marks on the locking rings. If you are not happy with the purchase, I will refund your money, you pay the shipping back. I'm going to list the items in order by number, and the First PM with name and address to ship to, gets it. Please post I'll take it also on the message board, so others can see what is still available. I would like all payments in the form of a Postal Service money order. Add $5.00 S&H to the price, Conus for the items listed. Others pay actual shipping. I will ship out the next day after , I receive the money order. Thanks for reading all of this. A friends father just passed, and had some of this stuff, and he ask me to sell it, some of it is mine. I am trying to make this as easy on me and you as possible. I believe all prices are fair. Here we go:

    1) Precision Micrometer for .22-250 $25
    2) Precision Micrometer for .220 Swift $25
    3) Precision Micrometer for .300 Win Mag (SOLD)$25
    4) RCBS FL 22 Hornet dies $18
    5) RCBS .222 die set, neck & seater dies $20
    6) RCBS .223 FL SB dies $18 Sold
    7) RCBS .22-250 FL dies $18
    8) RCBS .220 Swift FL dies (SOLD) $18
    9) RCBS .220 Neck Die (1 die) (SOLD) $10
    10) RCBS .270 FL dies $18
    11) RCBS .270 Neck die (1 die) $10
    12) RCBS .303 British FL dies $18 Sold
    13) RCBS .35 Remington FL dies $18
    14) RCBS 9mm Luger 3 die carbide set. $25 Sold
    15) RCBS .45 Colt RN Not carbide 3 die set $20
    16) RCBS Positive Ram Priming Unit. (there are 3 of these,
    they are all the same, the one marked .243,and .222 in
    the photograph are gone,) they will work with any press
    that uses a RCBS type shell holder. Basically, you prime
    using your press, but are able to adjust your primer seating
    depth, because you prime on top of your press through a
    special die that holds your shell holder. If I can find
    instructions, I will copy, and include with each unit.
    If not, I'm sure RCBS would e-mail you a copy.
    17) You will see a set of RCBS .30 Gibbs dies in the photos,
    they are available, but are expensive. They have to be
    custom ordered, and take 90 days if you order from Midway,
    they cost about $150. I'm selling them for $125 Delivered.
    Here are the photos, which should show everything I have listed
    at this time.

    I had photo's , but they did not turn out.

    If you buy more than one item, shipping is $8.95 as I can ship anywhere in the U.S. in a USPS flat rate box. Thanks for looking.

    All dies are were not sold, are no longer available. They are going to auction. Thanks to those of you who purchased. Don
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    Nov 18, 2007
    4) RCBS FL 22 Hornet dies $18, would ya take 20 shipped?

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    Feb 24, 2003
    As stated above, all the dies that were not sold, are now on the big auction site. I did get your pm, and will respond. Thanks Don