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    May 7, 2003
    Email me if you want to buy, need a pic, or have a question. mhoganmtaonline.net
    First email received with "I'll buy" or "I'll take it" gets the goodies. Items listed elsewhere too, so email to confirm
    Paypal (+3.25%) or Postal Moneyorder, please.
    Buyer pays actual Priority or First Class postage plus insurance (optional) Most die sets cost $5 to mail.

    Redding .300Win Mag Match die set $145 This set has Micrometer seater & Micrometer Type S Neck sizer dies, and includes body die. #58153 complete w/instructions, warranty card, wrench, & spare decap pin. ANIB

    ***SPF*** New & complete RCBS # 88304 Precision Mic for .223 Remington $35

    RCBS .30-06 FL die set #14801 $25 As New
    RCBS .30-06 Neck die $20 unused, or $40 for set w/o neck die decap assy

    ***SPF*** Redding .22-250 FL die set # 80106 $30 As New

    RCBS .357mag/.38spl older quality carbide 3 die set in new style box $37 w/rcbs #6 shellholder

    PKG DEAL: RCBS .38-40 WCF 3 die set # 35605 As New never used w/rcbs #26 shellholder
    100pcs of virgin W-W .38-40 brass, and 100 Nosler .40cal/10mm 150gr hollowpoints $100

    RCBS .44mag Trim Die As new complete w/instructions & extended #18 shellholder $22 no box
    ***SPF*** RCBS .357mag Trim Die As new complete w/extended # 6 shellholder, no box $22
    RCBS .300Win Trim Die good cond, die only $12

    Wilson Case Trim Die for Weatherby Magnum (.257, 270, 7mm, 300, 340, 375) $6

    RCBS Small Base Sizer die for .300Win As New, no decap assy (use your FL decap unit) $20 in box

    ***SPF*** RCBS Deburring carbide case prep tool in box $8

    ***SPF*** Hornady Handheld Priming Tool #0500021 Used once, as new in box w/directions $30
    uses RCBS type shellholders

    ***SPF*** RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Excellent used condition $60 or w/baffle & Mic adj installed $90
    Also have recent model RCBS stand in Exc cond $20 to be sold w/measure (all spf)

    ***SPF*** LEE Production Pot IV Brand New, Never Used 110v $50

    ***SPF*** Lee Bullet Mold #C309 180R .30cal 180gr RN New In Box, w/handles & instructions single cavity mold $20


    Exc condition Lyman #429421 dbl cavity .44 cal 245gr bullet mold $45
    ***SPF*** Brand New unused Lee .358 158gr swc dbl cav mold w/handles $20
    ***SPF*** Brand New unused Lee .430 240gr swc dbl cav mold w/handles $20
    **SPF** Speer 5780 .357 shot capsules 1 box of 50 w/plugs $8
    Speer 5782 .44 shot capsules 1 box complete $10

    Please Note:
    RCBS .38/.357 carbide set now will come in orig box
    RCBS .38/357 trim set will come in orig box.

    Please email if you want pix etc mhogan@mtaonline.net
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    You might want to check your email address in your ad. You left out the "@", but I think I figured it out. If not, I sent an "I'll take it" on the RCBS .223. if it's still available.
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