Did a little shooting this morning

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by remingtonman_25_06, Sep 2, 2006.

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Woke up at 6 this morning and figured I would go shoot a couple loads I had loaded up for my 25-06 and 7 mag. First off, I had a new lot of RL-22. Second, instead of using the Fed Match primers, I was using just the regular Fed215. I loaded up my 168g VLD's at 64g with the new lot of RL-22 and a primer switch. My first shot clocked 3101fps. My bolt was a little harder to lift then normal. I was thinking what the heck is going on. Shot #2, 3060fps. My previous velocity was 2940fps with the old lot and a fed215 match primer. I dont think a switch from a match primer to a regular primer is going to have 150fps difference. The temperature was teh same for working up both lots of powder. 60-70 degree mark. My 2 shots were still touching at 100 yards, but I am gonna back it down to 63g and see what things look like. After I shot those, I had some 140g btips loaded w/Rl-22 at 67,68, & 68.5g. Turns out the rifle liked the stiff load of 68.5g RL-22. Produced a .35" group at 100 yards, and 3250fps. The other 2 loads were not bad either. I also had a batch of 100g btips to try in my 25-06. I had them loaded up w/IMR-4350 at 51, 52, and 53g. 51g shot .6" and was going 3350fps. This was the same load I used in my Ruger a couple years ago with the same exact results. 52g was running 3400fps, and the group opened up quite a bit. I didn't even shoot the 53g load. I might try to tighten it up by going down to 50g and try that. I also had 2 other bullets to test with IMR-4064 powder. I bought a buttload of this powder for my 220 swift and its just laying around. I had some 87g and 90g sierras to try. The rifle likes the 87's, but not the 90's. Particularly the 44g load with the 87's. They are traveling right at 3200fps. Good little coyote rounds. All in all, I think my rifles did alright. I was pretty happy that I found a load so quick once again with the 140g btips out of my 7 mag. That rifle is starting to surprise me. My 25-06 never really does surpise me with its accuracy, its expected /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Anyway, here is the target from this morning shoot.