Dealer let down

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    Nov 28, 2011
    I have a friend who recently was in the market for a Tac 15i. I made a crucial mistake in sending him to a Wisconsin dealer who did him absolutely no favors or justice. There was no room or arrangements for the crossbow to be tested prior to purchasing. The weapon was purchased and he was not even informed of features or how to work the features. He asked about assembly and was told that they will not be assembled at that dealership, and he was not informed to make sure that components are even when assembling. this could prevent injury, and or poor performance. The transaction was so poor he don't even know how to cock it, shoot it, or store it. This was very discouraging and the next 2 guy's buying one will be going elsewhere. If you plan on leaving for a hunting trip please have help that is up to your standards running the store, or maybe close it while gone.