DE 338 edge VS Deer

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    Jan 10, 2008
    not long range but a long range gun. shot this little buck tonight at a 120 yards didnt move a inch. on my way to where i was going to park my truck i spotted him at 600 yards, but when i got all set up to take the shot he walked behind a tree and in to some brush:mad: so i drove up to the top of the hill and parked. then i started hiking over to where i saw him. when i came over the ridge i saw some antlers sticking out of the brush. so i crawled to where i could get a shot and all i could see was his head. my goal for this year was to shoot somthing at 500+ yards but this was the first buck i had a chance at all season. and with the season ending in a week i decided i better take him. thats when he looked at me so i took the shot and put a round in his mouth nocking out his front teeth abd putting a preaty nice hole on the back side. guess i will have to brake the 500 yard mark next year.
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