DE 1" 4 port Muzzle Brake.

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  1. joel0407

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Shooting 150 grain Combined Technology bullets in front of 102 grains of ADI2217 (H1000 in the US). My 300 RUM has far less recoil than my 270win. Admittedly the 270 is a lighter rifle but the 300rum Remington Sendero could not be called heavy.

    Shooting at 100m, I blink and don't open my eyes quick enough to see the shot but at 500m shooting at metallic rams at the range I see the bullet hit no worries at all.

    I fired less than 50 rounds before I had the brake fitted and was loading far less than what I am loading now. Before I had the brake fitted, I would flex against the rifle, bracing myself for the recoil, now I just hold the rifle firm and squeeze. I think fitting the brake has increased my accuracy in the shooters ability if not the rifles.

  2. JEREMY logan

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    Nice brake, i shoot the 300rum with 208 amax without a brake . Just the other day i shot 14 rounds off the bench with a t-shirt on . After a few rounds it starts to work on me mentally , i hope to have a brake like yours one day.. Nice looking rifle 2

  3. JARHEAD1371

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Jim is building a rifle for me in 7SAUM and I decided to have him put one of his brakes on it too. I know that most people wouldn't bother with the brake with the 7SAUM but I figure the least amount of recoil possible is best for accuracy. Good to hear the brake is so effective.gun)
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    May 6, 2009
    DE brakes are the shit. No need to look elsewhere.