Dailing in the scope for wind

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    I'm curious how many of you guys dial in the scope for wind?
    I have a Leupy/Premier boost 18-40x50. with a fine crosshair.
    It's extremely accurate and up till now I've just been holding off groundhogs(guesstimating) for the wind. My drop chart does allow for windage inches & clicks, I've used the inches only as a reference for the amount of holdoff, but I've really never tried the clicks.
    The wind here is not always consistant. Just trying to see what the majority of you guys do, shooting targets at extended ranges. Do you guys use wind meters to calculate the wind or what method do you use? Thanks, Sam in Va.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    I use some type of stadia along the horizontal axis-- plex post tip, dot, whatever. Once i know it's MOA value, i simply apply it like the mil-dot guys do for wind reference as long as it's subtension is adequate for that use. My latest project is a very long-range handgun system that has the plex reticle in the 36X Leupold BR scope that's been converted to long eye relief. The problem here is that the plex post tip is only .75 MOA. That doesn't offer much for reference in the optic. This scope will have to be sent off to Wally Siebert in WA for 3,6, and 9 MOA dots, to reference wind at long-range. Besides that with only 38 MOA of windage adjustment ideally, this scope has very limited windage flexibility-- but it's the only option for very long-range shooting with a heavy recoiling handgun.

    I use a weather watch to approximate wind holdoff that has an anemometer in it-- speedtech.com. Sometimes i use it directly, which helps me to get a feel for wind speed when i don't have time to use it.

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    Feb 5, 2005
    I have a wind speed meter and use it all of the time with a drop chart. Like you I used to just aim off but after a few stupid fox misses I now click the drift. I have used the JBM programme attached recently, it shows you clicks for windage, I find it better than quicktarget which only shows actual drift in inches (or mm's) on my version.


    Good luck
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    Dec 7, 2004
    Currently, I'm dialing. I have Leupold TMR that I hope to learn to use for my windage holds. I'll always have to dial w/my 243 as it has a target dot.
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    Jan 12, 2005
    Sam there is an easy way to get dailed in for windage and elevation.After rangeing a Pdog or chuck or gong,look at your chart and with your best estimate of wind value ,move your turrets to the appropriate settings and fire a shot. Pay close attention to the impact point or divvet. Now center your crosshairs back on the intended target and while holding the gun very still turn the windage knob untill the verticle crosshair is lined up with the divvet. If you need to adjust your elevation, move your horizontle crosshair at the same time .This method is my poor mans wind gage ,and will get you on target very quickly.
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    That sounds like it will work for my situation! It's the same technique that I use for the elevation... now why didn't I think of that!!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif I'll definitely give it a try! Thanks for the tip.., and I don't have to buy any thing else or get the reticle changed either!!! Works for me. I'll give you an update once I have a chance to try it out. Sam
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    Dec 27, 2004
    Hi Sam
    I just wanted to say hi. I'm from Goochland county. I feel for ya when dealing with the wind. My daughter is nine and loves to hunt I hope to start training her to spot for me.
    Good luck with the wind.
    Thunder stick
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    Hey there... I'm in Fluvanna, and hunt some in Goochland, Buckingham, Orange, Fluvanna, and over the Mtn. some.We hunt river bottoms etc. all thru Fluvanna all the way to and including Goochland.
    What's your name?? and give me an email sometime.Maybe we can hook up sometime?