CZ vs Savage

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    May 6, 2007
    I have been trying to decide between a Stevens and a CZ 550 American. I would like to use these guns to practice out to 500 yards so that I can gain experience. I have plans on leaving both of these guns stock for a year or two, after that I would probably turn the stevens into a project gun. I believe that I would leave the CZ alone for quite a while longer than the stevens. I think that the only things that the cz is really offering over the stevens is a wood stock and the set trigger (which I have not made my mind up), I would like to know what others thought about which would be the most accurate between the two.
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    Feb 10, 2006
    I have the CZ 550am and it's a great little gun, My buddy's got the Savage and it's a great gun. The CZ is much smaller/lighter, a whole lot prettier and shoots just as good as the savage. The set trigger is awesome, but the regular pull is pretty horrible from the factory, but easily adjusted down to a fairly crisp 3lbs, the set trigger breaks at about 1.5-2lb. Matter of fact I was shootin' prairie dogs at 300yd yesterday morning.

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    Mar 23, 2005

    Bought a Stevens for Dad, and a CZ for me. They say caps are shouting, so listen close. BUY THE CZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bed the action, tune the trigger, and you are done! No contest!

    Stevens stock is junk. Trigger is junk. CZ has a pretty, rigid stock. CZ trigger is great! I love mine. Didn't have to buy a stock and / or trigger. And, it shoots great and handles nice. I do have one complaint. You can't load the magazine without taking it out. Oh well.

    Tika makes a really nice rigid synthetic stock. Smooth action, accurate...
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    Oct 1, 2007
    poor cz results!!!

    I have been custom loading for about 10 years....mostly big game rifles from 270 win up to 338-378 wby. I have never found a rifle that didn't like at least one load I tried. That one "go to" load. Might be a little slow, or mayby to much pressure, but something!!!!! Always better than factory loads....always.

    I just spent 3 weeks of my time, 3 weeks I'll never get back, trying to find a load for the CZ someting or other. I know squat about CZ, but it's the one that they offer as a package with a NF scope for $3599. He said the gun is "garantied to shoot 1 moa to 1000 yds". 300 win mag, NF5.5-22 NSX. H1000, H 414, imr4831, imr 4350, rl22, rl25, retumbo, 7828,....... 200 accubonds, 190 SMK, 180 swifts, 180 balistic tips, 165 balistic tips, 165 SST's, ect..............!!! NOTHING. Shot best with factory Hornady 165 SST's at just a shade over 1", the rest....2" -4"!!!! I tried hard and soft holds and everything in between for bag technique. Also never more than 21 record shots (7-3 shot groups) + 1 fowler between cleaning. Also, he said that the gun came " broken in". It did clean very easily with very little copper, but it was V E R Y, V E R Y D I R TY out of the box...lots of copper!

    He asked if it was me, and although anything is possable, I bring at least 3 other guns with me each time out with good to great results ( .3 inch in my personal "tweaked" 300WBY sendaro for instance, or 3/4" with a factory 24" adl 7 mm rem mag with 180 jlks at 2950.

    I talked to the costom shop at CZ and they said that the gun was designed with a "special" BBl in 1-12" twist to shoot the short, heavy bullets from DRT AMMO.:confused: Isn't a 12 twist BBl a 12 twist BBL? What could possably be different with their 12" twist??

    Also, they only put a 3.5" magazine well in the damn thing. OAL should be around 3.68 to just touch the lands, but I had to load them to 3.45" to fit in the mag. DRT must have some funky looking bullets, or they seat them backwards if they are to fallow the comon "just kiss the lands" theroy on accuracy.:D

    Now, the story takes a bad turn. While experimenting with different bag techniques, I sometimes let the gun jump up. What I didn't realize is that when the gun came down it landed on the side of my front rest....the STEAL part....THREE TIMES:mad::mad:. Put a big- ass mark on the stock:eek:. I was going to tell him to get his money back and spend the cash on a custom. If it would have been a shooter it wouldn't have matterd because he would have drug that gun to hell and back and it would look like crap after season anyway, but it dosen't!!! I offered to pay the damages and do whatever it takes, but he declined. "LETS TRY IT SOME MORE AFTER SEASON"
    So here I go again.....ANY SUGJESTIONS....HELP ME....I'VE FALLEN...AND I CAN'T GET UP!!!!:)

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  5. Dead Beat

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    Oct 20, 2004
    i CZ but my brother does and he love it i shot and it shoots pretty good .not as good as my savages but pretty close but it is a nice looking gun but i would by the savage i own 3 not because there cheap but because the perform well all 4 are under 3/4 moa or better with factory ammo

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    Mar 31, 2004
    OK Im not trying to start a verbal war but you got people saying how cz's are prettier,lighter and have better triggers and better stocks and some shoot as good as a Savage. Before you bash me guys, these are your words not mine. A little feedback I was a remington man till everyone keep talking about Savage this and Savage that. It made me sick that everyone was saying Savage was more accurate then my beloved remingtons. So I bought 22.250 112bvss for a song at a local gun show to prove them wrong, well to make a long story short I now own 9 Savage rifles 0 remingtons, and before you ask 1 (out of 6) of my remingtons did shoot "as good" as the used, beat up savage from the gun show. Pretty wont make it hit the target, triggers can be worked and stocks can changed and on a savage anyone can swap barrels for different calibers at home with just a couple of tools. So now I am a Savage man. By the way have you ever noticed everyone is always comparing remington vs Savage, cz vs Savage, winchester vs Savage, ruger vs Savage and so on. I wonder why that is????????????
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    Jan 16, 2007
    Huh, that's funny nothing against your savages but I have 2 remington's that ar e stock(1 a sendero and 1 an sps varmint)that shoot under 1/2 inch groups. The sendero shoot's in the .2's consistently and the sps varmint shoots in the .5's. I also have a ruger vt that just recently shot a .323 5 shot group. I don't think there is just one brand that is good anymore. Most factory heavy barrel guns are gonna shoot.
  8. goodgrouper

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    Sep 3, 2004
    CZ and don't look back!