CZ 527 17 Hornet

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Bought me a new CZ 527 in the 17 Hornet.........................Finally found me some Factory ammo and was blown away with the accuracy of this little round in the CZ 527 Once sighted in I was getting five shot groups at 100 yds @.475

    Had to special order some Redding S dies.............and have finally found some AA 1680 and some Vihtavuori 120

    It was easy finding the 20gr V Max and purchased some 23gr Woodchuck Den bullets for Fox and Bobcats and if a coyote shows up.

    The jury is still out for a larger fur friendly cartridge but Im leaning towards the 17 Remington. The ones I have found of seems that someone wants them more than I do.
    After shooting that CZ I might go on the hunt for a CZ in the 17 Remington.

    Anyone loading for the 17 Hornet????