Cutting Edge D60 revisited!

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  1. bigngreen

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    Nov 24, 2008
    So I had a lot of dollars tied up in these Cutting Edge bullets and they flew like poop from a couple other 338 RUM's, I just finished up a rifle I've been collecting parts for over a year to put together so I though I would give them one more try. I cranked 95gr of Retumbo in the cases and seated three each with the seating band at the case mouth, +.030 and -.030 from that point. This time they shot :D

    Still haven't finished it up but I couldn't wait to lite it up, gotta bed it and finish the barrel then get a rail under it.

    The top group was +.030 and put the sealing band into the throat, the next down group the band was about .020 out of the throat and seated right at the case neck, the group on the left put the sealing band inside the case neck and it obviously did not like that!! I'm going to load a bunch up and give them a little more distance and see how they hang in there gun)
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    Mar 2, 2012
    Nice Rhian! I am planning to test the ones you sent me when its starts to dry up here, really soggy at the range! Should be within 2 months for sure, if we dont get another little storm, much sooner. Keep us informed on how they shoot and how they kill! gun)