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    Oct 4, 2006
    Customer Service,
    I had a great customer service story that I had to share with you all. If your like me, you reward great customers service.

    For the background..I asked here about a year ago what you would do If you had a barrel maker do action work and install a new barrel on a gun and then had another gunsmith do the stock work and bedding and the gun would not shoot and copper fouled like crazy! I took your advice and sent it to a reputable I mean great gunsmith and had him look it over. He found some bedding issue and was not sold that the barrel was not to blame. I went back to the gunsmith and he pointed the finger at the barrel maker and I decided to just stop this game of finger pointing and had the new smith Bruce Baer install a new HART barrel, bed the action and now it shoots like you would expect.

    I with held the original barrel makers name, due to the fact I had not given them a chance to fix the situation.

    That’s the back story and I apologies for the long post.

    So two weeks ago I took the old barrel and had a local guy install it on an action I had laying around as a back up. When I went to pick it up he said that this barrel chambered very strange. I told him the story behind the barrel and he was very surprised, because he has installed multiple barrels form this manufacture and they all were very good.

    I called them last week, and Them is Pacnor barrels. I talked with Penny and she was surprised that I would wait a year to let them know of this situation (the gun has been in PA since JAN 08). I told them the story and I suspected it was the barrel but did not know in tell the new gunsmith told me the chambering issues. They asked me to send it to them to look at it. It just happens I had business to attend not 25 miles form there location and I stopped by Tuesday!

    I met Casey the owners son and told him the story. I was very honest and told them I had 400 rounds down the barrel and could not get it to shoot. The gunsmith that just rechambered test fired it 4 times and I did not clean it so he could see the copper fouling!

    One look down the bore with a borescope he said, It’s our bad it looks like a steel issue..What do you want your new barrel chambered in! I told them I was willing to split the cost of the action work and he said no way! I should have it back in 6-8 weeks..due to the availability of a blank and its only my back up gun. I feel that if it was my main hunting gun I would have had it back next week.

    Not only did they stand behind the product even after 400 rounds they were very apologetic. After the original issues I was very hesitant to buy another, but now I have no problem dealing with Pacnor.

    Thanks to Casey and Penny for the hospitality and great customer service!
    AKA Cody
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    Jul 1, 2002
    Its good to hear about great customer service for a change , generaly all we hear about is a gripe sombody has when their stuff is sub expectation. Its good to hear that the barrle makers openly admits it was their problem.

    I've cut a couple Pac-Nor barrels and neither cut the same , one seemed very soft , both shot well though.

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    Jun 7, 2004
    A friend of mine had a gunsmith of unquestioned reputation build him a .224 hunting rifle on a rem 700 S/A. It never shot worth a crap, and was checked and re-checked by the original builder and another 'smith in Austin. The final verdict of both was that the barrel itself was defective. The bore appeared to be slightly larger at the muzzle. Both of them called the maker and the owner also called them. The original 'smith has the button off the breech end of the blank, so he didn't chamber the wrong end.

    To date, 3 yrs later, the barrel maker, who examined the barrel a year ago, has tap danced and said that they lapped the barrel again (why ???) returned it and said nothing was wrong with it and that was that.

    This is going to sound lame, but since it didn't happen to me, and all of this info is second-hand, I'm not going to name the maker, one of the top ones, but post this because I can't believe a top barrel maker would blow one off like that. Right or wrong, they knew both 'smiths and could have at least replaced the blank. I have heard that both 'smiths stopped using their barrels.

    The moral is that anyone can screw up, but how they react to it makes the difference. This maker poisoned the well for a lot of people.

    Good for Pacnor, they got it right.

    Good hunting, Tom
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    Feb 5, 2005
    I have had several barrels from pac-nor and I have had no problems with any, its good to know if I do they will stand behind them.
    In that same note I would like to mention a couple of places that have been good to me.
    I just purchased another blinder from Eyeblindllc because of their quality and customer service, I also had good service from Vern Campbell who finishes stocks for many gunsmiths who don't have the time but want the very best job in a reasonable time frame, he was in the middle of moving his shop and didn't get several of my stocks done by the promised delivery date so when he sent them to me their was no charge not even shipping, because he was a little over two week late on the delivery date. I think we should post more about those smiths and suppliers that provide good products and services so we can give them the business they deserve.
  5. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Thank you for sharing the good news-We need more posts like this.
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    Jun 7, 2004
    Good point XP. I have had outstanding service from Oehler Research, RCBS, Lilja, CZ USA, and Brownell's. I recommend them to anyone.

    Good hunting, Tom
  7. bigg_sexy1

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Good customer service is hard to find these days. I would like to give a shout out to the nice gents at Goretex. I had a problem with some gear that was leaking, being that it was a couple of years old the manufacturer (Browning) would not look at it. The fellas at Goretex asked me to send it to them and they promptly called me upon receiving it. Very nice to deal with and quick too.
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    Dec 20, 2002
    I have a plug for Mark Bansner. He fixed an extractor issue on a 4 year old rifle that he built. He installed a Sako style extractor for free and had it back to me in less than a week.

    That is excellent customer service, Thank You
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    Dec 1, 2007
    here's another plug.....i somehow bent my de-capping rod in my 6X284 hornady resizing still worked but would bend the case neck on extraction. one email to hornady and they sent one out the same day....FREE NO CHARGE!!!! AJ